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We are a manufacturing cum exporter of various 100% natural coir fibre in our own factories with strict quality control measures mainly for buyers individual requirements. We produce,










The coconut husks are soaked in water for 48 hours and are then sent through a machine that is known as “the cutter” which is used to separate the raw fiber/pith as shown in below images.











The raw fiber that is collected is then sent through a machine called “The picker” which cleans the raw fiber and separates the short and long fibers.

The long fiber is used to manufacture the twine/yarn with the use of another process for which the Sliver machine and CT Machine are used.









The yarn that has been produced through this process is then balled and packed together and finally pressed and tied to make one bundle. 576 such bundles, weighing approximately 6500 kg, are loaded in to a 20’ FT container.


Coir Fiber Twine/Yarn
Machine Twisted Fibre
Mixed Fiber In Bales

Out of 100% natural coir fiber, with strict quality control measures in order to meet individual buyer requirements.

The Cutter
Separating fiber/pith


The mixed fiber bale factory is located at Hettipola, Kuliyapitiya and at present has the capacity to load a 1x40’ HC container per day.

The company’s vision is to increase the capacity to load 3x40’ HC per day.

Colombo Coir Exporters is proud with its achievements so far, and is envisioning more improvements to its activities in order to achieve its main goal – which is to have satisfied customers around the world.

Our key products manufactured in the above mentioned factories are presently exported mainly to Pakistan and China. The management has declared that in the Year 2013 the company must seek to expand into wider markets, so any inquiry to any part of the world is most welcome.

We believe that we have a very good financial footing and a cut and dry accounting policy that helps us to maintain our quality and a long term business relationship with our clients.